19 for 2019


I love listening to pod cast. For the longest time I was in the throws of so much true crime, I thought I was going to have to sleep with the lights on. A little after my experiment to lower my anxiety I realized I may have to make a switch my listening genre. I started to listen to Happier by Gretchen Rubin and Liz Craft and whoa that was a life changer. Run don’t walk if you want great life hack ideas, fun conversation and a lighter feeling from binge listening than looking over your shoulder wherever you go.

Don’t get me wrong. I still binged listened to Dirty John and loved every minute of it. I just need to intersperse the macabre with unicorns and rainbows being the majority of my ear candy.

The sisters on this podcast institute an awesome idea of using a number concurrent with the year list of things they would like to tackle, accomplish or clear off the to do list.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am not a big fan of resolutions per say, too much pressure and I usually set the bar too high and am then disappointed and hard on myself. This I think is perfect.

Without further ado, because I know you’re waiting with baited breath here is what I have come up with after a few days of pondering. I also encourage you to check out some others list, it’s great for ideas!


    This is capital letters, because it keeps me up at night and lingers in the back of my mind basically at all times.

  2. Back up and get rid of my old desktop

    find out how to consolidate all of my iTunes libraries

    For the love of…if anyone has tips on this I’d love to hear. I have 3 separate Mac computers from my past lives and I have some really good collections of jams buried on the oldest. I would really like to be able to access these on all my new devices.

    Edit picture/save on external drive

    This goes along a bit with above..said old computer have countless pictures I do not need and I want to back up the ones I do

  3. Art Inventory

    I got a bit closer to this last year, but still not there. Ideally I want it be visual: images, dates size pricing and location for every piece of artwork in my possession.

    Under this also falls inventory my shipping/packing supplies, vases, ornaments etc…

  4. Set up processes

    I’d love to streamline my email responses, newsletters, invoicing etc..

  5. A work around for social media overwhelm

    Could I get a virtual assistant? Can I relequish control? If not I need to find a way to enjoy it again and not feel like I am always playing catch up

  6. Consolidate address

    I still have our wedding invitation list on an excel spreadsheet that I have printed out and I cross off and add new addresses to every holiday season. I need to get in back on the computer and updated.

  7. Pay off debt

    Self explanatory. Although I’ve created a detailed plan for this.

  8. Build savings

    Challenging to do concurrently with above, but I am determined

  9. Have a solo show

    It’s been quite a few years since I have had a solo show, I think it’s time. I am excited about a particular idea for a body of work and I think it would make a solid show.

  10. Replace our mattress

    Too old and too small. I’m taking recommendations for this too. Have one you love?

  11. More family time

    Typically we do pretty good with this. But I would like to schedule it in more consistently.

  12. Make grocery shopping/meal planing less painful

    I tried Instacart for the first time this last week, and it was worth the extra money. But this particular goal could just mean embracing the inevitable and finding a way to enjoy it. They planning and grocery list still need to happen. And unfortunately someone still has to actually cook it.

  13. Integrate meditation

    I had a good stretch with this, but fell off the wagon and didn’t want to pay a subscription. (See pay off debt.) But I found the app Insight Timer and plan on seeing how that works out. Now I have to find a time of day that works

  14. Wild card day

    This past fall I felt a bit overwhelmed and burnt out. So I am scheduling a wild card day that I can choose to do 1 or 2 of the following: massage, lunch with a friend, mani/pedi, movie alone, museum visit, enjoy my house alone, read a book all day, binge watch something.

  15. Figure out SEO

    I am so intimidated by this. I don’t even know where to start…

  16. See Carrie

    My bestie is living in Madrid and I still kick myself that I didn’t get to see her when she lived in Italy. I really want to make this happen.

  17. Run a 4th marathon

    It’s been a decade since I ran my last one, and I’d really like to do one more. I’m but stressed about how to fit in training. Especially since I feel like I have found a workout routine that really works for me.

  18. Date nights

    We’ve gotten better at this, but they are still too little and too far between

  19. Get my passport

    To my own horror I let my passport expire and just haven’t made it a priority to get it replaced.

  20. Work on training with Luna

    Luna is doing well, but I need to put in more time and focus so the whole family is trained too, including me.

I’ve already accomplished #6. I purposely put something on there that I could tackle quickly. I wanted to set myself up for success.

Does anyone else do this? I would love to hear about your list!