Heather Kirtland




The encaustic medium allows me to create a unique tactile and luminous surface.



My acrylic paintings are bright while exploring playful compositions.




My first love. The surface is painterly and luscious.


Let me create a work of art out of your loved one. Commission an original painting from your favorite image. I’ll help you take the photograph out of your phone and onto your wall.


adults & children


Your furry family members

Pet Portraits

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Through my passion project with my partner Marissa Huber @carveouttimefor art, we have a new book!

We wanted to create a book that inspires, conspires and furthers the community of mother artist. Marissa and I are beyond excited to introduce this cummulation of years of work. The amazing artists that are a part of this project truly speak to this motherhood of art that we find ourselves in. This journey has opened our world in a way that I know neither of us could of imagined when we first spoke about the idea of creating this book. We are forever grateful to the connections and friendships we have made and he support from artists all over the world. .

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"Beauty scatters the seeds of hope in us."

-Joan D. Chittister


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