Virtual Studio Day

Another day in which I didn't find my way to the studio. Where is this week going!?  The last two days I have spent a lot of time creating in my own head.  I haven't felt like picking up my sketch book.  I have a fun idea for Found Art Friday's over at Cathy Nichol's blogI've laid it all out virtually. I've imagined it becoming a finished piece in encaustic.  I've imagined it as a drawing, in acrylic.  And then yesterday on a run I started painting another composition in my imaginary studio.  

But for some silly reason I can't post just a description of my artwork!  And it certainly changes during the physical act of creating.  There is also the possibility that my 'brilliant' idea doesn't seem to work when brought into reality. So later tonight I hope that it becomes just what it's supposed to when I sit down at the kitchen table and get out of my head.  Either way I plan to have fun while doing it.  Sorry I don't have a picture today - I will tomorrow.
Happy imagining!!
Heather KirtlandComment