Lots of Dogs, only a little Bull

As I have been saying my social calendar, has been crazy and this weekend was no exception.  We attended a bull roast for a friends charity and they had a mechanical bull!  I regret to say that I didn't ride.  I wish I would have, I could of checked it off my bucket list.

Yesterday Mr. G and I participated in our local SPCA's March for The Animals.  What fun!!  This is the first year that we have been able to go.  There were so many beautiful doggies.  I was very proud of our boys, they got to try the agility course. Dakota was so thrilled, and Bear impressed us all with his willingness to try and he did really well.  (I wish I could of taken pictures of them on the course, but we both had our hands full.) 

Although my plans today have been slightly side tracked today, I have to go into work for a bit.  After a stop by the art supply store, I am headed to the studio.  I am determined to get a least 4 hours of painting in!  Wish me luck.