young talent

When ever I travel I love to buy work from local artist.  Not only do I have unique pieces and support other artist, I have an artwork that hold memories of a particular place and adventure.

So, I was very excited that on the tails of the great painting I received from my Aunt and Uncle, I just got this as a Birthday gift!!
So cool, and even more amazing a 14 year old young man created this!

My closest Aunt THE Aunt*, as my brother and I refer to her, bought this in Anguilla.  The young man is hoping to get into art AND fashion.  I hope I get to meet him, when I travel there again. I love the sparkle detail.  The figures bodies are made of caning material.  Just so cool.

Now I have to find the perfect spot for it.  Right now it's propped up on my bookshelf.  

*(Aunt Sally is my Dad's only sister, and she moved to be closer to my brother and I when we were young, so we grew up with her very close to us.  I apprenticed with her as a shopper, she has a great talent for doing any type of shopping.  We have so much fun, and now I am a professional as well.  She is also a fabulous cook, channeling my grandmother.  And she always supports my shoe habit!!)