No good dead

It's no secret that I haven't been very productive lately.  But, it is the time of year for art auction and I usually try to participate when I can.  (I have a hard time with the word "No"). 
I agreed to donate to a particular one and then quickly realized that I have such a depleted inventory and the little one is using all my creative juices.  So, before I went out of town I found this 10x10 encaustic that I had started in the spring.  Great, a few tweaks and it will be ready to go.  

When I headed into the studio this morning - my mother's garage - my encaustic work table had been cleared of supplies and stored away to be replaced with new ceiling tiles for Mom's basement.  oh crap....Well I believe what I said was a bit more foul and imaginative than that.  (I guess that's what I get for not being in the studio much this month.)  Then there is the problem that the painting needs to be picked up at noon, and it is now 9:30am.  
I bring the painting, one clay tool and a razor back to my house.  Then realize that my office which has been taken apart to begin the nursery is scattered all over, and I need to print out my bio, and auction form. I quickly throw together an office on my kitchen table with my power book and printer.  I pull out the encaustic painting on the other end of the table and begin to make my tweaks.  Here is the result.  I rather like it, thankfully.  And I delivered the painting on time.  Whew!!!

"Congregate" 10 x10" encaustic on panel
Now I am feeling a bit inspired I hope they get the ceiling done soon, and maybe I can make some more artwork!!