steps in the right direction

So the creative juices have started to flow.  I haven't put it to the test yet, Monday will be the show down in the studio.  (It won't be put back together yet.  But, I should have a plan B).  

First I started reading some of my favorite blogs out there, then I researched some of my favorite artist and checked out some new ones.  That was certainly a dose of inspiration.  I combed through the latest Artist Opportunities Monthly and put up some show entry deadlines for myself.  (that usually is a good kick in the butt).  Lastly, I went to my favorite site that just oozes with creativity and prolific artist; check it out here. I mean seriously, look at this studio visit with Jamie Vasta! I am in awe.

So writing, and sketching and really looking forward to producing and feeling like my old self. Wish me luck!

Heather KirtlandComment