Time Heals

"Ascension" 16"x 20" encaustic on birch panel
This finished work has been years in the making.  I first mentioned it in this post.  I had started the painting below in 2004 after my Dad passed away.  I just couldn't get it to a place that I liked.

"Flight" acrylic on canvas 38" x 48" (painted over)
I ended up painting over it. I just couldn't seem to get across all the complexity that I had wanted. It seemed too elementary to me. So I thought I'd try again in encaustic.  My usual palette doesn't always turn out the way I would like.  I am still learning the medium.  But now that I've made it more subtle and quiet I think it says more.  At least to me.  I may at some point revisit the image in oils. But for now I'm satisfied.