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Carve out time for artist question

Over on the Instagram account that Marissa Huber and I run @carveouttimeforart  we posted this question.  We try to post one a week.  It's becoming on of my favorite community based social media threads.  I love seeing all of these wonderful creative minds respond and through that connect with one another.

No surprise all of us need/want more time for our creative pursuits.  There were so many examples of how everyone makes more time in their busy lives.  Yet, what stuck with me the most was how much fear and self-doubt was the number one factor for many.  It saddened me.   If you're a mom or an artist with a day job the time is so finite and therefore takes on a monumental preciousness that can be debilitating.  Oh man do I understand this!  To see so many talented artist frozen by insecurity and comparison breaks my heart.  Don't we do that enough in so many parts of our life, can't this be the safe zone?  This creative space that's ours and unique to us? I know first hand how hard it is to shut out that noise.  The social media perfection noise, that awful inner critic and the tick of the clock as we try to use our time most efficiently.  I wish I had a magic answer or some fantastic advice.  I'm still trying to figure it out.  Seeing it from the outside made me realize how it is really all in our heads.  Artist that I respect and think that are killing it in their work feel this way too.  Dare I say it's part of the artistic process, a way to filter, question and push ourselves.  Can we agree to knock it down a notch in it's importance to us though?   Can we tell it to shut the hell up?  For goodness sakes we all agree we don't have enough time so let's not waste it on feeding fear. 

I would be heartbroken to think that I wouldn't get to cast my eyes on all of your beautiful creations because you were afraid to begin, to trust your bad ass self and the process. Or to share your work with this community that needs you to participate and inspire.  Believe me it doesn't have to be master piece to inspire just seeing someone doing the work is inspiring enough.  Seeing someone working at their kitchen table and making time is inspiring.  YOU are inspiring.

Be kind to yourself, be patient with your journey, have fun.  I do know that every mark, every thought and each failed attempt are just stepping stones along the way.  And you know what?  So are the accomplishments and that artwork that turned out wonderful - just a stepping stone.   Remember to set your own pace and try it out and there is no wasted time.  Don't let fear take the joy out of something you come to for that precise thing.  The joy.  The nourishing that creating gives you.  That's enough.  It really is.  Trust yourself and all the rest will come.

Next time you hear fear speaking doubt to you remember my words to you instead. 

Don't forget we're in this together!

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