New Year....New?


Happy New Year!  While I am usually the first to get totally psyched about new goals, ideas and routines this year I'm just....not.  While I am trying to not overthink it too much. (Mid-life crisis?!)

It is an alien place for me to be.  This past year was unbelievable for me as an artist.  I grew in so many ways, pushed myself to go for things and was rewarded again and again.  The last few months of 2016 were my biggest and I am proud of what I accomplished.  When I finally took a break, it was great to just be off for a bit.  I anticipated hitting New Years full of energy and plans for 2017.  But that didn't happen.  I know I said I wasn't going to over think it, but I guess I am. So, thanks for bearing with me.  Part of me feels like I didn't get to celebrate the little victories, I haven't had a spare minute to sit quietly as of yet, I got the wind knocked out of me with some comments that highlighted my insecurities and I'm still gathering data from the past year so that I can be more informed as I move forward.

Can we just delay the start of the New Year?  Is February 1st a good do over date? What if I'm not feeling it then either?  Perhaps the status quo is okay.  If just keep rolling that's not a bad thing.  Is it? Ah crap, and I still don't have my word yet.....


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