I have to say I am happy to say good-bye to February.  Although I am not holding my breath that we are done with our snowy weather.  So I will be REALLY happy to move into April, and then I can breath a sigh of relief.  I hate rushing time by, so I will try to enjoy every day that March has to offer up.  I am hoping that some of those days are productive studio days.  

This weekend was a nice combination of fantastic food, the company of lovely friends.  And I started making some travel plans to see my BF in San Diego.  I am dreaming about the ocean already. 
Today, at last, a lazy Sunday.  A quite morning, a nice brunch with the hubby and I hope to cap it off with a walk with the dogs. 

I have to admit I am feeling a little frustration of not having a work space here at our house.  It's really not possible due to space issues.  But I am finding that having to set up and break down all of my water based art supplies on the kitchen table is a bit of a deterrent for me.  I love being able to walk into my studio, and have all my materials just waiting for me in there place.  One day I will have a space just like that right here in our home - our next home.   So this weekend my creative media was yarn!