Been there, done that.

I've been looking for some inspiration lately.  Sketching a lot, and working on some paintings for family to keep my creativity and mind working.  While hiking in California, I fell in love with rock formations.  Fellow blogger, at Big Bang Studio's, has talked about them before and now I truly appreciate what she means.  I've seen them before but never in abundance and wow, the color and patterns are so cool.  

I took a ton of pictures and all through the hike I imagined large juicy oil paintings and wet watercolors of these compositions.  But by the end of the trail all I kept thinking is that so many artist have done this before me, so many way more talented artists.  I wonder does anyone else do this to themselves?  The common sense part of me realizes that this is silly, that I bring myself to my art and that makes it different.  But, it seems easy to talk myself out of this.  I always feel like I need to find something new or reinvent.  When all I need to do it be true to my own creativity, and explorations.

I'm going to tackle one painting and go from there!