I had a conversation with a musician friend of mine this past week.  I was talking about how I feel like I am the opposite of a hoarder.  He said that I must be a "Shedder". I like that term, I think.  

Whilst preparing for our move I am making room by going through storage at my Mom's house.  I have an over abundance of artwork there.  Pretty much everything from high school till now.  I got rid of most of my high school work (there are slides of them for prosperity).  I also went through a lot of stuff from collage, color theory, charcoal assignments.  I did pull out a few things to save, and some of the work I still rather like.  My senior thesis work won we me the only grant I have received thus far! Although in complete disclosure I have been lax in applying the last 3 years.  But maybe there is something in revisiting these images.  In excavating these layers of my artist journey it feels good to see how far I've come and reminds me of threads or ideas that may be worth re-trying now with more experience.  

I don't feel too terribly sad as I cleaned out.  The extra space made it easier to organize my inventory.  In doing so I discovered I have quiet enough work to enter some shows. But here is a farewell to some works; 

and there was this work on paper that I would love to re-visit.

 It has even made me thing more about working on paper, until I think of the framing expense!

Well here I go moving forward and shedding all the way!

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