Cedric Smith: Weekend Inspiration

"Today's Special" mixed media on canvas 60 x 49"
"Southern Pride"  38" x 48" mixed media on canvas

"Church Bus" 11 x 14" ultrachrome print

Amazing, huh?  I saw Cedric Smith's work when Hubby and I were vacationing in Savannah.  It just stood out over and above all the other artwork we perused all weekend.  I couldn't wait to look him up.  When I started these post, I immediately knew I wanted to share these complex and sweet works with you. As usual I was draw to the layering and re-working that is present in his work. Even though the work seems rather large and demanding, I wanted to get up close and inspect the nuances in the technique as well. I love the bitter sweet nostalgia of the work and the advertising imagery becoming so painterly.  Amazing.

All I could think about was purchasing one and that when we had the perfect house it would be there in the kitchen where I could enjoy it every day!  And when researching this post I found Cedric's Etsy store.  I can, at least own a print one day. Hurray!!

I also can't get by without mentioning his photography.  The juxtaposition between the past and present leads your mind to create a narrative.

Check out his bio to learn more. And make sure you visit his website and blog as well.  It was really hard to pick a favorite painting to post here!  Thank you Cedric for sharing your work.

Happy creating!  

Heather KirtlandComment