Loose ends

So much going on here! Why not add in trying to keep up with my blog again Ha! 

We have bought a house and are currently trying to get it move in ready, painting, cleaning, shopping, painting, and packing. Did I mention painting? Whew. Oh, and we're expecting baby #2 in 6 weeks.  I'll try to give you more info about what we're doing at our new home to make it more us in another post. 

For now I am finding maybe a few hour a week for studio time. I have 3 pet portraits that I haven't been able to get to. So, before I pack up the studio I needed to finish them. (I also have hopes to maybe get a few encaustic works done too.)

Here is the progress so far! 

Check out the guy in the middle. I was a little worried when that was the only reference picture I had to work with, but I really love it now. 

Ok, back to packing and maybe a little (studio) painting if I'm lucky! 

*if this post appears awkward I'm attempting to post from my phone so having trouble tweaking it for viewing.