1st Quarter Update for 19 for 2019


I’ve been a bit lax in my blog writing perhaps I should’ve added that to my list. Oh well, there is always my 20 for 2020!

Overall I am pretty excited about my progress so far. It’s almost as if this list is magical. The power of writing things down in order to make them happen.


I am not quite crossing this off. But I am happy to report that the book is all put together from my end. So initially my goal was to get to this point, but now I will wait to cross it off until I am through the final editing process.

2. Back up and great rid of my old desktop.✔️

DONE! I am so happy to have this finished. Not only is my desk less cluttered, all my iTunes library is now acessable.

3. Art Inventory

This is coming up next, as it’s on my to-do list for the month of April

4. Set up processes

This has been on going, but I will say I have tackled the totally out all my accounting at the end of each of these three months so far.

5. Social media overwhelm

Still overwhelmed

6. Consolidate Addresses

Yep! This was an easy first one to mark off, so I completed this the first week of January and it really did spark some momentum.

7. Pay off debt

I have only begun to make a slight dent in this. But each month I have added a but more to my bills when I pay them.

8. Build Savings

I’ve been putting money aside for our vacation instead...

9. Have a solo show

I have a curator that is interested, but I want to nail down the dates!

10. Replace our mattress

11. More family time

I have continued to enjoy our reading bedtime routine, and our movie nights each week, I’ve tried to focus time on Sunday for all of us to do something. On one of our outings my daughter learned to ride her bike!!

12. Make grocery shopping meal/planning less painful.

I have had less time to actually shop the beinginning of this year. I’ve become a little lax and more inventive with what we are having. I think this is on the whole going to be a mindset...

13. Integrate Meditation

Although I have had good success with this in the past, I really haven’t found a way to fit it in. But I feel like I am getting some of the same benefits when I am painting in the studio and when I am running.

14. Wild Card Day

This has been 50/50. In January my son was home sick on my massage day. My mom came to the rescue, but I only had that 90 mins away. In February we had a snow closure, so my mom came to my rescue again, but it was not a restful day. In March I had an accidental one when I wasn’t feeling 100% and watched tv most of the school day. I am hoping to up my game in the coming months.

15. Figure out SEO

I took a free online workshop in January and found I was making it more complicated than it needed to be. I have a grasp of it now, but have not applied it to my website.

16, See Carrie

17. Run a 4th Marathon

I am registered for The Baltimore Marathon in October. It’s in the calendar and I’ve also planned out my training which will start in May. Once I laid it out in the calendar I realized that I could in corporate it into my excersise routine just fine. So as long as I’m injury free I’m doing it!

18, Date Nights

I have failed at this the first two months! We did get out once in March and I am hoping to get some more on the calendar. Because that’s the only way they will happen.

19. Get my Passport ✔️

Done and done. I cannot tell you how good that feels. It’s been way to long and one of those things that hung over me as uncompleted. Not anymore!

20. Work on training with Luna.

Eh, I run through out usual commands after her walks, but her behavior and recall could be better. She’s super smart so I know I could do better.

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