40 day painting practice


I decided to kick off the year with a bang!  I will be participating in a group salon where the artist create work each day that is then exhibited weekly and culminates with the entire process displayed in the gallery. 

This fits so perfectly into my studio practice at the moment.  One of my goals for this year to create a body of work and show it.  This is naturally the first part of this process.  The big difference is laying myself bare during the initial stages.  It can be messy and incoherent and sometimes not focused.  I’m not gonna lie it’s scary!!

Day 1 February 1 5th

I gathered my supplies. 5 10x10” panels, some Reeves BFK paper, my sketchbook along with scrap paper that I’ve doodled ideas on.  I worked in my sketchbook getting more ideas out of my head.

I realize that for me my process often begins with a mind dump.  I write about as much as I sketch.  Title names, phrases, descriptions of emotions, color ideas and even direction for paint application. Then more often than not one sketch spawns and idea for another sketch etc..

Day 2 & 3 & 4

I’ve made it a part of my morning routine to lay out one of my sketches in a larger format. They still feel really sketchy and sparse. Trying to figure out if it’s because I haven’t introduced color or why they feel too simple.  

I am hoping to complete and 8x8” painting each week to move these ideas and compositions forward.

I will be sharing glimpses of my progress here and on social media. The majority you’ll have to come see in person at any of the salon/tea events connected with the project.

The show will be hung at The Hancock Solar Gallery in the Nelson Kohl building in Station North. *I will be attending the final 3 events, so mark your calander!!!

Friday, January 25th 7-10pm

Monday, February 4th 6-8pm

*Thursday, February 14, 6-9pm

*Sunday, February 24th 2-5pm




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