Sunday in the Studio

 A few new "Whispers"

"Cairn" 20X36" oil on canvas

Ahhh.  A Sunday morning with a hot cup of coffee and some studio time is a rarity and AWESOME!! Have I mentioned how much I love my Aunt and Mom who make moments like that possible?!

The kids and I spent the weekend with them since Hubby was working all weekend. So I got some rare weekend painting time. I'm still in this frenetic creative state and there just seems like there is not enough time to get it all out. I feel like the ideas are going to disappear before I can realize them. I was in the zone yesterday but had to break it up to feed kids and put them down for naps. How do Artist Moms do it?  I am thankful for every moment I get, that's for sure. 

Now back to playing with kiddos, feeding everyone, and attempting to keep things running smoothly on the home front.  I'll find some time to sketch and catch up on the paperwork of being an artist too. 
Oh, and hopefully get to jump on this webinar tonight. Wish me luck!!